Updating samsung bd p1600 blu ray player

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Next time I think I will download to memory stick and upgrade this way... With a high speed connection using a cable connection I would expect to get higher data transfer rates.We had no problems the last 3 weeks we've had this player until the firmware update. We updated through the direct download, but not through the System Update menu.When we turned the player on, there was a message saying there was an update available and if we wanted to update, and we proceeded with the process from there. Improves a specific BD title''s playback capability. Improves e-Contents (Youtube/Blockbuster/Netflix/Pandora) playback capability. We did it twice per the instructions on the web site for updating the firmware the first time.It still has an issue with the one DVD we were watching at the time, where no menu displays when we insert the dvd. " and the menu won't display until we play the dvd , wait several seconds, and then press stop.

Currently, for the same price, Sony now offers a Blu Ray that also supports Netflix, You Tube, etc. The screen flickers as well when playing and we don't know it the picture will come back. If anyone has a solution or knows of a way to downgrade the firmware back to the previous version, please share.

I have used this wireless device for nearly 2 months until i ran the firmware upgrade and now it doesnt recognize it at all.

I dont know if samsung put in some sort of facility with this upgrade that only allows the samsung brand wireless unit to work or what, but now i cant use netflix or there anyway to move back to the previous firmware version?

It only displays LOAD on the players screen and will only open and close. If that doesn't work, see if the firmware reverted your settings back to composite (yellow, red, white) outputs.

If that doesn't work, then you might try calling 800-SAMSUNG for additional support, or if necessary, service.

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