Updating quantum cryptography report

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In the late 1940s, the British electrical engineer Eric Laithwaite, a professor at Imperial College London, developed the first full-size working model of the linear induction motor.

The trains regularly ran at up to 420 km/h (260 mph).

In Saitama, Japan (1988), the HSST-04-1 was revealed at the Saitama exhibition performed in Kumagaya. that provided guests with a ride in a single car along a short section of track at the fairgrounds.

It was removed after the fair and debut at the Aoi Expo in 1987 and now on static display at Okazaki Minami Park.

In 1979, a 908 m (2,979 ft) track was opened in Hamburg for the first International Transportation Exhibition (IVA 79).

Interest was sufficient that operations were extended three months after the exhibition finished, having carried more than 50,000 passengers. The world's first commercial maglev system was a low-speed maglev shuttle that ran between the airport terminal of Birmingham International Airport and the nearby Birmingham International railway station between 19.

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