Updating catalogs

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To edit that time, select the catalog in the list, and use the time control.

You can even update, simply drag it into the list more than once, and set different times.

To run them, you should be able to do in your favourite terminal environment.

There are other, unmaintained scripts in the bin directory that are not documented here and should be approached with caution. You might consider running it from Given a file, this script will run through Ampache's metadata gathering process then print out both the raw and processed results. Run the Ampache Web Socket server (necessary for Broadcasts and remote control Web Player features).

With Neo Finder 7, your cataloging settings are actually stored inside the catalog itself.If one update is still in progress while another one would be scheduled for the same catalog, Neo Finder will notice that and only continue with the first update, ignoring the second schedule.Neo Finder will keep a comprehensive log of all Auto Updater related activity, you can see it in the bottom part of the window.Sometimes, you need to update certain important catalogs on a regular schedule, like a server volume that you are actively working on every day.Neo Finder offers the very powerful and unique Auto Updater to make this really easy for you.

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