Updating carte vitale france

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New cards will somehow "contain" the information needed, and existing cards will be enhanced to prove entitlement all over Europe.This will lead to Europe-wide implementation and use of cards, different in content and technique.The e Europe 2005 action plan explicitly mentions the crucial role of an Electronic health card and the synergies in the use of cards to access networked electronic patient records.Furthermore, the European Commission intends to support a common approach to patient identifiers and electronic health record architecture through standardisation.Most of the services provided by such systems are not available abroad, and many may not even be interoperable between different regions within the same country.Administrative procedures for international cases, therefore, still rely on paper in the Member States even where smart cards are used and administrative procedures computerised.However, which health insurance cards, and respectively which projects, already exist in Europe?

De nombreux Français de l’étranger ne le reçoivent pas automatiquement.

La coordination européenne en matière de sécurité sociale, régie par les règlements 883/2004 et 987/2009, permet de prendre en compte, pour le calcul de la retraite acquise dans chacun des pays de l’Union, l’ensemble des périodes cotisées dans les divers régimes obligatoires.

La coordination s’applique aussi bien pour les salariés que pour les professions libérales.

The history of large scale deployment of health cards in the healthcare sector goes back to the late eighties/early nineties, when France and Germany each started national programs on the nationwide introduction of health insurance cards.

Since then, other nations, such as Slovenia and Belgium, have also introduced health cards, and various projects have been started all over Europe.

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