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Features: Napster's biggest strength is its com- munity-based features. In order to keep the album price con- sistent, extended or double-length albums are simply unavailable for purchase — you have to purchase each track individually.

You can explore other mem- bers' libraries (and stream them with the Premium service), e-mail playlists to friends (who must subscribe to hear the songs), and even earmark a member whose collection you want to keep an eye on. And there isn’t much information about the tracks you purchase; there's no way to tell, for instance, if you're buy- ing live or studio tracks from Tori Amos' double-length To Venus and Back without first previewing them.

On the i900D, you can preview your shots and even crop them. Canon and Canon Know How are registered trademarks of Cancn Inc.

Add more cutting-edge technology to your XPS system. Microsoft, Windows, the Windows logo, and 'Your potential. «r Rt Itl Ctot Price: .95 a month for the Radio Plus service, which gives you access to Rhapsody's radio streams.

Features: Rhapsody isn't just a music downloading service — it’s a generous resource, and that makes it exciting to use.

For example, Rhapsody will give you information about records and artists that aren't even in its own catalog (whereas i Tunes will leave you in the dark about recordings that it doesn't carry).

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■ 91 JANUARY 2004 for «*„-**, pvr i , Sa U ■ G ■ The fastest compact in the Gaming Industry!• Intel Pentium ’ 4 Processor with HT Technology at 3.20GHz with 800MHz Front Side Bus • 1GB Dual Channel DDR SDRAM at 400MHz • 240GB SATA RAID 0 IData Striping) • 19* 1 ’ _ Digital Photos Upload Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show Pics & Video pm Web Surf Kennel Club Web Board ‘Requires Internet access. Our passion." are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. ■■■‘Si Radio Iview "The New Invite Sue & Huffy Chill to 'Dog Talk' I Adventures of Lassie" to dog park tomorrow on WOOF-FM ■ 4 as Entertainment that " tunes into you. .95 a month buys you the All Access plan, which gives you unlimited streaming access to the entire Rhapsody catalog and the ability to burn tracks to CD for .79 each.The names of actual companies and products mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners. Not all of the songs from Rhapsody's catalog are available for burning.A and B in Bondi Blue built between August 1998 and January 1999; owners of i Mac Revs.C and D in five fruit colors; owners of certain Power Mac G3 Mini-towers, desktops, and All-in-Ones; owners of certain G3 i Books and i Book SEs made between September 1999 and September 2000; and owners of certain G3 Power Books made between May 1998 and February 2000. APPLE INTENTIONALLY DROPPED SUPPORT FOR KEY COMPONENTS OF THESE COMPUTERS TO FORCE THESE LOYAL CONSUMERS TO ONCE AGAIN UPGRADE...

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