Update on datagrid not updating

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I'm using statements like To inject the changes directly into the database. Figuring when I close the application and open it up the Data Grid loads the database fine.

So I tried to create a second form form, putting a Data Grid on it.

The data is there after the click, yet the details do not render.

How do I get the Rad Grid View to generate the row details after the Alarms property has been set, if raising the Property Changed event doesn't do it?

I'm sure there is something simple that I'm doing wrong, but I don't know what it is.

Introduction A Data Grid View control can be used to display data from a database.

It still only shows what is available when Form1 loads?The Alarms property starts out as null, but the Click event handler loads them into the Alarms property from the database.When the Alarms property is set, the Property Changed event is raised.Step 1Create a Windows Forms Application Project, and place a Data Grid View on the form. As: Points of Interest You can insert a row and click the update button; a row in the database will be inserted.Step 2Click on the pin button on right-up side of Data Grid View and click add project Data Source. If you update any cell and click the update button, then the database will be updated.

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