Unsteady dating resisting the rush to romance

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With a low growl and a quick turn of the wrist, she angled out and around a stalled SEPTA bus. The client she was meeting had requested an urgent appointment, and even though it usually took Jason weeks to find time in her schedule for a new project, he had informed her that this one was an exception.

He hadn't even had time to send a fax to her laptop with the usual summary he prepared for her before an interview.

She was used to corporate types, although usually they were men.

Aggressive, arrogant, habitually engaged in one-upmanship. She wasn't easily impressed, and even less easily intimidated.

Why don't you start with a little bit of background? " For the first time, her client appeared uncomfortable.

A brief flicker of something that might have been pain rose in her eyes, and then was quickly extinguished.

All hed had time to do was check the corporate profiles.

He hadnt had time for the deep background searches he usually did.

Not that that fact mattered per se, but Sloan liked to have as much background as possible when she was interviewing a prospective client.

Chapter One "Sloan Security." "I'm sitting in a two mile jam-up on 76. " Jason glanced across the room at the glacially cool countenance of the 9AM appointment. His boss did not like surprises, and it was supposed to be his job to prevent that. "Damn," Sloan said with a sigh, slowing for yet another bottleneck on an expressway that hadn't been express for twenty years. Get him a donut or something." With that, she pushed 'off' on the cell phone, tossed it onto the front passenger seat of the Boxster next to a battered leather briefcase, and tried for an end run around the long line of nearly stopped traffic in front of her. But the dinner meeting had run late, and her companion had been charming, and the invitation to stay had been so eloquently phrased.

With the project nearly completed, all systems up and operational, she saw no reason not to mix a little pleasure with her business.

"Sorry," the woman called to him, turning in the middle of the room to face Michael. "Why don't we get comfortable in my office," Sloan said, pointing toward the double doors at the far side of the room.

An instant's confusion skimmed over the surface of her sculpted features, then she stepped forward, her right hand extended. She looked at Jason, who was watching them with the attention of a Phillies fan at the World Series. " she queried, her tone suggesting it was not a request. How was he supposed to know that Michael wasn't a Michael?

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