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He came in touch with a group in an internet chat room which motivated him to work for jihad and join the cause of ISIS.

He told police that after chatting with the group for over a month, he expressed his desire to work for ISIS. He was strictly told not to contact Abu Ali before he reached Mosul," said the official.

Majeed reportedly told the police that there were over a dozen youths and the lecturer was talking to them in English.

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He got injured during practice and was sent to a treatment facility where he was reportedly ignored, prompting him to flee.

Majeed told the police that he thought for days together on what to tell his parents before going to Iraq.

"During this time, the idea of joining a group of pilgrims for Baghdad came to his mind.

In the chat room, he got the number of one Abu Ali and was told to contact him only when he reached Mosul, Majeed has told his interrogators.

After he joined the ISIS in Iraq, he was asked to supervise construction work in their territories since he was studying civil engineering.

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