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this happened to us, although thankfully it was us that saw it (and watch it : P ) and not the kids!

we were told that sometimes whomever is in charge to turn these channels off after the initial advertising 10 min preview, don't, and programmes run throughout the night.

You have spoken to your son Lisa, and that's a good thing, he may have been confused and upset by what he saw.

I have found the following website which contains information about keeping our children safe from this kind of thing online https:// However, this porn was played though your TV ~ not a website and Ali has left you some ideas about preventing this sort of thing from happening again.

Linda I don't know every box and every combination, but I have insomnia and often stay up all night switching channels and we also have Freeview (and nothing else.) Here's what I've noticed: There are a very few cheesy sex channels on offered late at night, typically after 11PM, but only about two or three channels.

And those channels tend to show scantily clad women gyrating about suggestively but are vaguely clad in something, at least lower down.

I asked my son about it and he told me straight away that this is what he saw!! We dont have sky as it was cancelled over 1 year ago but we still access freeview channels through it.

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I dont know if channels live channel 5 or pick tv has things like that on early in morning as i very often have pick tv ?

I now turn the tv off from the mains as it is high up and my son cant reach it .thanks again for your replies x Sent from my GT-N7105 using Netmums mobile app I don't know how much the head teacher's opinion that excluding your son would help her school.

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