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The working title of the film is ' Midnight Rider' after Gregg's autobiography.Ritter and Russell will each perform vocals, guitar, piano and organ throughout the movie.“The world knows Tyson as a extraordinary musician and performer; now the world will know what an amazing actor he is as well,” said director Randall Miller.How they landed on a major label within a year, recorded their first album as a duo, and returned to Oklahoma to get Gaylor and Kennerty on board. "I'm a southern boy from Oklahoma writing about love and loss. Ritter and Wheeler wrote 29 songs for "Move Along," whittling the list down to a final dozen in the studio."I went back for Christmas last year and it was a trip," said Ritter. I saw all of my acquaintances from high school again, and everybody was (expletive) up, wasted ... If the All-American Rejects' debut and "Swing Swing" were all about matching bursts of melodic guitar verve with 11 hooky pop songs about the ups and downs of young love, then "Move Along" is, well, more of the same ... Making matters a bit more nerve-wracking the second time out: Suits at the label demanding the album hit bigger than the band's debut, or else.The Rejects left Oklahoma and have come a long way."Dirty Little Secret," the band's first single from its second album, "Move Along," released six months ago, still is a hot commodity on the national charts and on radio.She has appeared in such films as Airspeed (1998), Love Actually (2003), Old School (2003), The Girl Next Door (2004), House of Wax (2005), and Captivity (2007).She also lived in Toronto, Ontario, before moving onto acting.

"We feel very fortunate to have started the New Year this way," the newlyweds said.

"With an abundance of love and happiness together, shared with all of our friends and family." Tyson Ritter and his newlywed wife Elena Satine started dating in 2012.

The couple announced their engagement in April 2013 when the rocker proposed to the “Magic City” actress with a sparkling diamond engagement ring.

Tyson Ritter and his newlywed wife Elena Satine posed together at the Amazon Studios Launch Party, where they celebrated the premieres of their 1st original series' “Alpha House” and “Betas” at Boulevard3 in Hollywood, California.

Billboard reports that the ' Gives You Hell' singer will star in the flick alongside Wyatt Russell as Duane Allman.

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