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"I remember thinking it was like Prada shoes for your car." Phillips said he is selling all-black wheels to women, too.At Discount Tire, a large percentage of custom wheel sales are of either all-black or black with machine finish details, Marrufo said, even though the company offers many other kinds.The all-black wheel appeal crosses generations and income levels, and its popularity continues to grow each year, Marrufo said, with more styles and finishes, and some car makers are offering black wheels as an option."Black wheels are the new thing," said Phillips, who put them on his white 1988 Jeep Cherokee.This guide is only concerned with 3DO's major releases where important changes were made to the data on disc, not simple reissues, shovelware budget releases or non-American special editions.The reason is threefold: 1) The major editions are the basis for all these other releases, they are the ones that really matter; 2) This article is almost entirely based on info found around the internet, and knowledge about reissues or foreign editions are hard to find; 3) Obviously there would be too many of these.Marrufo said some BMW, Audi and Mercedes owners go for an extreme look of black-painted body, black wheels and darkly tinted windows. The "Midnight Edition" of the Nissan Juke crossover comes with black wheels, for example.

plus I got to kill Goldanna ^.^ whenever i get annoyed with Alistair in a playthrough now, i just go play the DLC again lol.

Steve Tubbs, a salesman at Mc Ree Ford in Dickinson, had black wheels put on his metallic blue 2011 Ford F-150 two months ago, partly for practical reasons.

"In this climate, it won't peel as much," compared to some chrome wheels, he said.

All-black wheels, and custom wheels in general, are mostly a guy thing, said Kit Yarrow, professor of business and psychology at Golden Gate University in San Francisco.

The few men she has talked to about custom car wheels "have really been enraptured by the coolness of an unusual style," she said.

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