Trigger updating another table

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Test Table (id INTEGER PRIMARY KEY AUTO_INCREMENT, Item Id INTEGER, Date date, Value REAL) Test Table2 (id INTEGER PRIMARY KEY AUTO_INCREMENT, Item Id INTEGER, Year INTEGER, Month INTEGER, Open REAL, Close REAL, Increase REAL) Where the table Test Table is measurements on a certain item on a specific date. Test Table2 contains measurements for a specific month,year and the increase during this period.

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Close,0.0); ELSE UPDATE Test Table2 SET Test Table2. Trading Date Hello, Thank you so much for your input and response.Also, when I tested entering a new transaction with a date of 30/05/2014 it didn’t update the required ZLast Sale field. Customer ID -- use the appropriate column for joining JOIN deleted AS d ON i. I have read Trigger procedure documentation but i have not really grasped how to build the functions. , which contains tens of thousands of rows of data.

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