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" "You know that as morale officer I see it as my duty to promote happiness among the crew," Neelix began. It's really about getting people together who have similar interests, encouraging them to meet new people. "And that would be different to making a ship-side announcement how...? "I see your point." She chewed her thumbnail thoughtfully for a moment. " She leaned over the coffee table, and extracted a padd from near the top of a pile. Then you could make up your mind." She hesitated a few minutes longer. As Neelix walked away, Kathryn picked up the padd and began reading. "Of course," she said, pulling him over to the couch. As though thinking about him had hastened his appearance, Chakotay entered the holodeck. She touched Chakotay's arm and they strolled off together. "Yes Neelix, and you're very good at it." "Thankyou, Commander. "You know that sometimes I organize certain functions to promote goodwill, encourage people to have a good time and to socialize with other crew members." "You want permission to hold a party? I've been reviewing a federation historical database, and I discovered that they used to be quite popular on earth." "I know what they are Neelix. It can be about making friends as well, not just pairing off couples." "We only have a crew of a hundred and forty six, Neelix. Everybody already knows everybody else." "By name, or by sight perhaps. " "I guess not." She was silent for a moment, and he watched her bent head quietly. "Actually, I have some other news about us that you might find interesting," she said. Question One: what attributes do you consider important in a partner? " B'Elanna literally pulled him inside their quarters. He too was clad in formal clothing, a dark suit with a crisp white shirt beneath it. "Definitely got the handsome part right," she murmured to herself. I'd just like to give people a little encouragement, that's all." "I might have to discuss this with the Captain." Neelix beamed. Cross him off then." Chakotay stopped reading and looked up at Neelix. You're both 'footloose and fancy free' singles." "That doesn't mean we're just waiting for you to play matchmaker, Neelix." "No. "I didn't know you were looking for love, Chakotay." "You're on it too," he replied. "I knew you'd approve, Commander." "I didn't say yes yet, Neelix." "No, of course not." He was only mildly subdued. I've already made up a list of people I'm going to encourage to join." Neelix handed Chakotay a padd. But this list is only for people that I'm going to talk to about the idea. "Sure." She slid her legs off the couch onto the floor and moved over so that he could sit down beside her. " "I'll get it." He said, dropping his padd onto her coffee table. He's drawn up that list of the people he wants to encourage to join. "You're joking." She put her mug down and picked up the padd. He picked it up and started scrolling down the names. You're all free to say no." "Then I say no." "You don't even want to think about it? Chakotay entered her quarters, smiling at the sight of her stretched out on her sofa with a large mug of coffee cradled in her hands. When he returned with some tea she gestured towards the padd. " "The highlight of my day so far," he replied dryly. I'm intrigued." "Neelix wants to set up a dating agency." "He wants to what? "That's what I said to Neelix." She scrolled down the padd to check for herself. " "Neelix, I handle all the personnel duties for the crew. Smell Dating recommends its clients avoid deodorant or perfume because these mask natural smells, but it's fine to get the shirt smelly with other things that indicate lifestyle choices — like cigarette smoke or a campfire.After three days, mail back your funky shirt, and you will receive 10 other people's shirts in the mail.

Just because they're the people he knows." Chakotay looked skeptical.

** B'Elanna picked up her plate and headed over to the table where Tom and Harry sat eating their lunch. It started as an mild argument, then all of a sudden they were yelling at each other. "The tension in there's so bad you'd swear either one of them was about to start breaking furniture." "On each other," Tom added. Whoever that hopeless romantic is who's still betting is going to be losing a whole lot of credits." "You can say that again," Tom said. Its a hundred and fifty to one now." "So that old bet doesn't stand then." "No. "Whoever this crazy person is, they just put another bet on. I told Naomi that, but she said she was told 'no negotiations'." B'Elanna frowned and stabbed at her lunch. " I just wish Neelix had never come up with this stupid matchmaking service. Neelix seemed to think she was just trying to set an example for other people to follow." "That's crazy." He shrugged again. Come on Harry, we'd better get back to the bridge." Harry made a face. And besides, why would he leave her quarters undressed when he could just site to site transport back to his own quarters? "So my matchmaking worked out after all." Neelix grinned with satisfaction. They have coffee in her ready room almost every afternoon.

Ensigns Cook and Kimball are eating dinner at the table over in the far corner," she said, gesturing slightly with her head. "Well, maybe we should eat a little something first. They waited until after the main course before they started the fight. " They looked at each other before Harry turned back to her and said, "You haven't heard? " "Halfway through dinner they got into an enormous fight. "She saw it all." "And we had to put up with them on the bridge," Tom complained "They're fighting on the bridge? Very noticeably not talking to each other," Harry said. But it seemed pretty hostile." "Well," B'Elanna said, "so much for your betting pool. You might as well just pocket the rations straight away." "I know. They sit next to each other on the bridge almost every day. "There's always Seven of Nine I suppose..." His eyes brightened at the thought of that challenge, and he bustled off to the kitchen, whistling cheerfully.

"Sometimes it can take effort to make new friends, Commander. It was a day for practical jokes, mostly." "Tom would love that," Chakotay observed. " "He's thinking that the crew don't socialize enough out of their own circle of work mates or usual friends. But he says it isn't just about pairing people off." "And who exactly is he intending to 'not pair me off' with? But, knowing Neelix, I imagine it would be me." She laughed.

To step outside the routines that you're comfortable with. " "The Captain's name is on this list." "So is yours Commander. He thinks this might be a good way for them to get to know nodding acquaintances better," he recited.

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