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Displaying a penchant for tough characters, Fimmel plays the lead in 2012's Harodim (originally called The Lazarus Protocol) with Peter Fonda as a former intelligence officer trained in black ops tracking down the world's most wanted terrorist who is compromised by his own chain of command.

He is cast with another Calvin Klein model-turned-actor, Dylan Bruno, as a fat murdered cop who gets a chance to settle a few scores through a body swap with a superior human.

Fimmel also played a celebrity cricket match in the 2009 Australia vs England Hollywood Ashes with fellow Australian actors Jesse Spencer (from House) and Cameron Daddo (from Models Inc.), plus celebrity chef Curtis Stone, INXS bass guitarist Garry Gary Beers and fast bowler Michael Kasprowicz.

The eagerly-anticipated release of Warcraft is finally upon us, with the first film based on the hugely successful video-game series opening in the UK this coming week [read our review here].

And while Fimmel has some experience of similar expectations after starring in TV show Vikings, Patton had to keep up: “Lots of training, for both of us.

For me they wanted to look like it could potentially be half-orc so aesthetically that began a big of training – lots of protein I had to eat and 2 1/2 hours of training and stunt training and it turned out to be so beneficial for the film.” Neither of the actors had played the game before they signed on to the film, but both felt they were in good hands with director Jones and some of the cast. ” For director Jones this is first huge studio movie after the relatively small Moon and Source Code, and he follows many directors in jumping from smaller films to blockbusters, but Patton says that was the main reason he was so perfect for the project: “I think that’s what made him perfect for it in that sometimes you have to let go of the idea of the scale and the grandeur and really dig in deep to the emotional heart of it and the story – you can have all the flash and spectacle you want but you’ve got to connect with people’s hearts and minds.” With such a big movie and lots of money and expectation involved, a sequel is something that has been rumored already.

Fimmel has played a diverse spectrum of characters on the small and big screens.

In 2008, he portrayed a murderer in Restraint and a party boy in Surfer, Dude with Matthew Mc Conaughey and Woody Harrelson.

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The youngest of three brothers, he is the son of Jennie, a recreation officer for the disabled, and Chris, a cattle farmer.He fronted CK's Crave men's fragrance campaign and modelled the brand's famous underwear.It was reported that one of his London billboards had to be pulled down after complaints from an auto club of traffic congestion and accidents by 'rubbernecking' female drivers, but Fimmel insisted the story started with a rumour spread on the internet.But why the show is on the air is because of the heart it has and family bonds and the loyalties between people. Apparently you guys got to work on some pretty impressive sets. When you are taking characters from a video game, they can be sort of archetypal or they can be even one-dimensional. I don’t know what I’m looking at half the time, and he has to be able to explain it. Tell me a little bit about the training you did for the part. I had to work out a bit just to wear the armor and to try to learn to move with the armor. I can’t say what it is because then they’ll know it’s missing. There’s not a question he didn’t have an answer for. It’s so bulky and you can’t lift your hands above your head and that sort of stuff.

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