Transexual dating san antonio tx

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This is obviously because, to date, there haven’t been any verified reports of a transgender person attacking anyone in a public bathroom. Herman, who conducted a study on trans people and their access to public bathrooms for the UCLA School of Law's Williams Institute, of the trans people surveyed for the study, “about 70 percent of the sample reported experiencing being denied access to restrooms, being harassed while using restrooms and even experiencing some forms of physical assault.” In other words, trans people are the ones at greater risk in public bathrooms.Instead of acting as a necessary piece of legislation, this bill is an unprovoked precaution, an unnecessary safeguard intended to prevent attacks by alleged predators who might pretend to be trans to do bad, perverted stuff, as if a predator can just put on some lipstick and start molesting people left and right.This week, trans individuals, their loved ones and members of their community showed up at the Texas state capitol to lobby and voice their opposition to Senate Bill 6, also known as the bathroom bill.I tried my best to watch a livestream of the bill’s hearing, which took place before the Senate State Affairs Committee, as I got ready for work and had it playing in the background throughout my workday Tuesday.

A school district employee talked about how unfeasible it would be to fund and build bathrooms and changing facilities to accommodate trans students as he asserted that trans kids should just get used to using the bathroom in the nurse’s office if they want privacy.This entire conversation of who can or cannot go into whichever bathroom is a non-issue because there is zero evidence that indicates allowing trans people into bathrooms that align with their gender leads to an increase in sexual and physical assaults.That in itself should be enough to squash this bill.SB6 will serve only to further stigmatize an already violently targeted group, so I have to ask: where is the political outcry for our wounded community? Donna Campbell defended SB6 during the hearing, stating that the prospect of even one attack is too much risk, so preventative measures must be taken.This year, we’ve already seen seven transgender women of color murdered, and they’re only the individuals who we are able to identify as trans (many media outlets still misgender a trans person in death).

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