Too intimidating to women

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He said he came to do this because his wife did not take that role and if she wasn’t going to bring the soft and pretty, well, he would. That’s when I decided I wanted to be the girl so enhanced my wardrobe and enjoying that role.Men do like it better and I am getting all those compliments at 59 I never heard at 20 or 30 or 40.However, we hope we can at least encourage you in the right direction. At the risk of sounding completely politically incorrect (all right, we enjoy being politically incorrect but it still is risky in our “gotcha” society) perhaps you have too much going for you? As hard as the social engineers have tried to change human nature, men still thrill to being needed.We don’t know who calls you intimidating and a “tough act to follow,” but whoever is doing so may be trying to point you in the right direction.We hope that you will rediscover a part of you that you might have suppressed and that will round out your character.We sincerely wish you speedy success in meeting a worthy partner.I have listened to your analysis of romantic relationships and am left wondering what your best advice is to a charming, active, healthy, financially well off, single woman who is over 50 who dearly misses the intimacies of married life?Dear Janet, As always, we start with the disclaimer that without knowing you personally we might be way off the mark in our advice.

Your wife is a talented woman to be able to do that.

We certainly give confusing messages to both men and women today.

I sent a thoughtful response I’m not sure if you received.

My drive for a family runs deep because I grew up with a very splintered family; sick mother, special needs siblings, father running as hard as he could to keep this together and often exploding in rage.

Strangely I came to the wisdom of acting the female by getting to know a transvestite.

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