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But I will judge your ass if the purpose of said one-night stand is just to say you banged some dude in Asia. You've gotten over jet lag, and your daily routine is all set. People are going to look at you regardless of what you're doing. Don't let your fears of someone looking at you be a reason to not do anything.

I had friends in Japan I hung out with, but I also went out by myself a lot of clubbing to just walking around Harajuku. Sometimes it was just a friendly conversation, other times it was to ask me out.

I would image a much shorter trip would be jammed with activities anyway. And if you're already on the shy side, going out by yourself seems like a nutty idea.

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So of course be aware of your surroundings and who you're talking to.Guys to Avoid Dating Asian Guys 101: Fears and Frustrations Dating Asian Guys 101: Online A-Lovin' and A-Datin' Part 1 Dating Asian Guys 101: Online A-Lovin' and A-Dating Part 2 I normally try to space these out a bit more.However I was somewhat inspired by my post which was a response to Joyful as well as some other comments in that thread.And so I decided to write about dating while being abroad.I've talked about it a bit on the blog but had yet to just but all my thoughts into one place.

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