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You’ll be meeting with unique classmates, dormmate, professors and some magical creatures in the academy. Some items are needed at every checkpoint to proceed reading the stories.

Your school life at the academy is sure to be thrilling and adventurous with a sweet romance and swoon moments! For the episodes regarding to ‘the Tower of Sorrow’, you can reveal the hidden truths by proceeding the stories of all three characters: Elias, Luca and Yukiya. * Choose from a variety of unique male characters as your possible partner in the academy. The ending can be changed depending on what you choose to act or react in the episodes.

Ukyo, the joker, seems to also play a role in the heroine's parallel world travel.

The many different memories from each of the parallel worlds causes her great confusion, which end up making her believe that her flashbacks are fragments of the past or future, and later believing that she is moving through time.

According to Orion, he collided with the Heroine's spirit which is the cause of her amnesia.

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Shin explains that even after he became an outcast, Heroine cared for him and stayed by his side no matter what, along with their other childhood friend, Toma.

Wizardess Heart is a visual novel game with full of fantasy, adventure, love romance and school life in the wizardry world!

The game is set at the magic academy for wizards, and you, as a provisional wizard student, tries to get accepted to be officially enrolled in the academy as you learn about magic, use magical items and cast spells.

Her default look is a blue collared dress, black cardigan, white shoes and a white sling bag. As she suffers from complete amnesia at the start of the story, she has no recollection of how she used to be before 1st August.

As the player progresses, bits and pieces of her original personality return, with slight differences throughout each route.

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