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Any texts or messages made from that number are kept within the app."You can differentiate between your normal and Flipper number," explains George.He was a little older than me and kept saying, 'age is just a number.'" Well, now maybe Josh Aspess and George Lineker have the solution. Josh's ex-girlfriend, Jade, had just returned to the country after two years living abroad.

Mike still commentates on Football League matches at the weekend. You can't just chuck your phone in the bin and start again - your life is on that phone. Sarah, 24, tells LADbible about one such experience: "I met this guy on a night out, we exchanged numbers, but then I decided it was nothing more than a drunken kiss."The next day he must have called me six times in the morning, again in the afternoon, and the same on Monday.And its early popularity looks good, with investors already sniffing around. It's a pretty sneaky app, so does it encourage people to cheat?If it does, surely it's a damaging reputation for the app to have.

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