Text chat no java Sex chat through message

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The secong JText Area contains event messages: who login, who logout, error messages, and so on To execute that GUI type The Client GUI class. The CENTER region contains a JScroll Pane with a JText Area that contains the messages exchanged in the Chat Room.The SOUTH region conatisn 3 buttons: "Login", "Logout", "Who is in". Most of the tutotials online are so out of date that they won't compile correctly. I had been looking for somethibng like this and thise gives me a nice template to start from!Many times in the forum we see questions about Chat programs which imply: - TCP connections - Threads - and a GUI most of the times So here is a very simple Chat program from which you can inspire yourself.

* When talking from a Java Client to a Java Server a lot easier to pass Java objects, no * need to count bytes or to wait for a line feed at the end of the frame */ public class Chat Message implements Serializable java Server at the console prompt. It is a Border Layout with in the NORTH region an editable JText Field containing the port number the Server should listen to and 2 buttons to Start/Stop the Server.The Super Chat tiers are documented in the You Tube Help Center.(See the expandable section about Super Chat purchase details.) In that list, the tier with the lowest purchase amount is tier 1, the next lowest amount is tier 2, and so forth.The other threads will wait for the Thread in the method body to return before entering it. i am able to connect to the server but not to send any chat.Please i need help, i want to run this piece of code of two different pc.. but when run on same pc it works fine Exception in thread "Thread-4"

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