Tech cofounder dating

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— Christopher Mc Cann, Startup Digest What existing infrastructure can you lean on to avoid having to write any custom code early on?

There’s a lot out there: Weebly or Squarespace for attractive websites, Shopify for online storefronts and Mailchimp for mailing lists.

While you may be able to turn to like-minded friends or co-workers, sometimes you’ll have to head somewhere new to help you find that special someone who will build your startup into a something great.

Below, we rounded up some of Chicago’s best resources for finding a co-founder.

At that level of detail, you might as well write the code yourself.” — John Collison, Stripe Or, as James Goldsmith put it, If you do pursue an external team, keep in mind: At the start, we were running the site off Word Press, getting new users to subscribe via Wufoo and emailing the list into Mail Chimp.

For the longest time, we held the thing together through duct tape and CSVs.

Many first-time entrepreneurs naturally gravitate to ~/hour outsourced labor, cheap as they can get.Or maybe you’ve built a working prototype but don’t know how to get people using it or the money to scale it.Then you’re probably in the market for a co-founder. “Keep your hand up if you are technical.” Five hands remained. “Keep your hand up if you are looking for co-founders.” The only remaining hand belonged to a CS freshman in the corner. That’s why we were there, crowded into a Wharton classroom to seek startup advice from an industry luminary.

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