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Refusing at first, Jenniphr Goodman would reconsider.

Bregman recalled, “We went through more than 10 drafts.

You’re always waiting for something — an actor’s schedule to free up, more money to appear — so you have lots of time to reschedule, re-budget, and rewrite.” To star as Dex, Jenniphr Goodman had her sights set on Donal Logue.Jenniphr Goodman had a friend from NYU named Teodoro Maniaci who’d shot a Good Machine production titled .On his own, the cinematographer passed the Goodmans’ script to Good Machine VP of Production Anthony Bregman, who offered to secure financing if the sisters would bump production back and work on their script.She returned to her hometown of Cleveland to teach preschoolers art before earning a master’s degree from NYU Film School.In 1994, Goodman moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico with her husband, who was earning his teaching credential.

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