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So, any suggestions for how to meet people, particularly from those who are/were in a similar situation? Ireland is not a very big country, and where I'm living is not super big as I said.Not sure I'd like my 'profile' emailed around by the few 'friends' I do have. i hate the pub/club thing but then again i find it strange and forced the way guys generally sleaze all over gilrs on dance floors across the country.Later I'll more than likely be out with a few friends and in all likelihood we'll drink with each other all night and not meet anyone else.I know that needn't be the case, but especially when you have a 'settled' element to the group, it's very much on the cards.

The other thing is that I don't really do the nightclub thing.I'm just back to Ireland after living abroad for a year or so.At the moment I'm living in a city, not Dublin (so not a super high population but big enough so that there's plenty to do), am in my late twenties, and would like to meet more women.Just like anywhere else, there's all different kinds of people online - 'normal' ones included Ooh..... we had down on our Profiles that we only wanted "Message Buddy's" you get chattin to some cool ppl but a few of them sent photos and (I'm goin straight to hell) they were....really Big on looks and fair enough get talkin to them or whatever but some of them are a bit weird.... but each ti their own there has to be some positive Stories!!I used to be on another Forum though and a few of us arranged to meet up for a laugh and there was loadsa little Hook-ups between ppl...that wasn't intended dating... Dont flip at me for saying that about the photo's....seriously....i didnt see one hot man of the ones that had photos up...that was just that particular site maybe...

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