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We will be spending time in prayer, study, and fellowship at the sites of the major events of our Lord's life in the land of the covenant.

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Add in a pizza supper and special desserts and it is a perfect evening.

Specifically, the Catholic population in Chicago continues to be a point of discussion for Catholic leaders across the country.

As one of the largest urban centers for Catholicism in America, many look to Chicago to see what efforts local churches have taken in order to maintain congregations in a declining environment. Alphonsus, a Catholic church in the Lakeview neighborhood, as a case study to better understand how Chicago churches respond to changing demographics in their congregations and how proactive measures can be implemented to sustain the wellbeing and future of their parishes.

Many suggest that this decline can be attributed to the lack of revision regarding the Catholic Church’s stance on modern day social issues.

Specifically, the same poll suggests that nearly 70% disagree with the Catholic Church on the use of contraceptives and the consequences of being a divorced or remarried Catholic.

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