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Couples or singles of any sexual preference may attend.The greater mix of prior experiences the richer the training!This is an indie film and was produced by a social justice film collective. The episodes were filmed in San Fransisco, Sao Paulo, Berlin, and Barcelona.The creators have approached Documentary Storm and have asked us to bring this film to the general public. Film crews descended on four cities and interviewed sex educators, psychiatrists, artists, and anyone else that they could get their hands and cameras on.Their presences bring unique gifts that inspire clarity, consciousness and daring to be real.



I found some part of the show a little too didactic, at the same time Bertucci and her team have managed to bring together a nice collection of interviews and portraits of interesting artists and activists from around the world.

I managed and updated social media profiles for the international social justice web series and magazine [SSEX BBOX] in late 2011 in addition to researching grants and assisting in writing grant proposals for documentary funding.

SSEX BBOX is a documentary series that explores sexuality in ALL of its flavors and colors.

[Ssex Bbox] is a bilingual web documentary project by Sao Paulo/San Francisco based filmmaker Priscilla Bertucci.

The series portraits people, who live their gender, bodies and sexuality beyond the boundaries of societal norms.

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