Sql server updating a master database

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The other indexed column also had a data type of INT.The bulk of the table's queries were done against the secondary index.Typically, the default sampling ratio is enough to generate good execution plans. For example, my colleagues and I once had a large table with approximately 12 million records in the table.The number of records in the table was fairly static.However, approximately 1.2 million records were deleted each morning and throughout the day a new 1.2 million records were added.The primary key for this table was an identity column with a data type of INT.

How to update statistics in SQL Server As I mentioned earlier, there are two ways to update statistics.Also, if you have a very large table, it may take quite a while to reach the 10% metric -- longer than you want in some cases.Manually updating the statistics may be necessary in that case.Manually updating statistics There are two ways to manually update statistics on a table.One is via the sp_updatestats system stored procedure. While the sp_updatestats procedure is an easier way to program the command, the UPDATE STATISTICS command is much more flexible and much more powerful.

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