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In a pre-prepared statement given to police the day after her death Mr Constant said he loved his wife and could not be without her.He said: 'I just wanted to die, I did not want to live without Jean.' A hilarious online gallery has revealed some of the most bizarre items people have come across while window shopping.For the shoot, glamour model Brandy, 25, recreate Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore's pottery scene in Ghost, while Bucks model Renay Louise, 24, wore a pair of seashells over her breasts to become Daryl Hannah in Splash.However, it appears the romance had little chance to developing further after it turns out the Mancunian PA was photographed kissing TOWIE star Tom Pearce less than a week after being picked by Spencer.

Her husband survived the incident on August 22 2016 when he was interrupted by emergency services who resuscitated him and was subsequently charged with her murder.

Poor Spencer had been trying his best all evening to woo Tabby, taking her on a helicopter ride, presenting her with a rose and telling her: ‘You mean more to me than the other girls.’He then said: I’ve wanted to kiss you ever since we had that photoshoot.’ Allegations have been made by former The Bachelor contestant Rebecca Rock that Spencer was still seeing Made In Chelsea star Louise Thompson when he appeared on the dating show, but he is insistent he is taking The Bachelor seriously.

‘I’m not here to just hook up with people,’ he said.

Needless to say, Made In Chelsea star Spencer, 23, was pretty stunned to see photos of Khloe, 21, kissing Tom P, 22, at Aura nightclub in London just days after they returned to the UK from the Bahamas - where The Bachelor was set.

Spencer had previously decided to overlook Khloe's previous kiss and tell on footballer Mario Balotelli during the series, but the passionate dancefloor display with the TOWIE star left him disappointed.

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