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A letter of Gregory to his younger brother, Peter, exhibits the feelings of lively gratitude which both cherished for their elder brother Basil, whom Gregory calls "our father and our master".Probably, therefore, the difference in years between them was such as to have enabled Basil to supervise the education of his younger brothers.On arriving in his see Gregory had to face great difficulties.His sudden elevation may have turned against him some who had hoped for the office themselves.Some think that Gregory spent a certain time in retreat before his consecration as bishop, but we have no proof of the fact.

But this does not help us to an answer, as the episcopal charge in that day was beset with many dangers.

Moreover in the fourth century, and even later, it was not uncommon to express dislike of the episcopal honour, and to fly from the prospect of election.

The fugitives, however, were usually discovered and brought back, and the consecration took place when a show of resistance had saved the candidate's humility.

Gregory himself, though he assisted at the council, mentions it only casually in his funeral oration over Meletius of Antioch, who died during the course of this assembly. Gregory of Nazianzus, also the aforesaid oration over Meletius of Antioch .

It is very probable that Gregory was present at another Council of Constantinople in 383; his "Oratio de deitate Filii et Spiritus Sancti" seems to confirm this.

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