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In September 2000, the Turnpike introduced E-ZPass electronic toll collection.Discounts were available to all users of the E-ZPass system until 2002.Beginning just south of exit 6, the Turnpike splits into a "dual-dual" configuration similar to a local-express configuration, with the outer lanes open to all vehicles and the inner lanes limited to cars only, unless signed otherwise because of unusual conditions.Specifically, starting in Mansfield Township (going north), the Turnpike has a total of 12 lanes, 6 in each direction (3-3-3-3). 46), Interstate 80 (I-80), and the Lincoln Tunnel is routed via the Eastern Spur.Luke Lovely was the first soldier from New Jersey to die in World War I. It was completed April 4, 1956, as part of the Turnpike's Newark Bay Extension.The Chaplain Washington Bridge and the Harry Laderman Bridge are steel girder spans that carry the Turnpike's eastern and western spurs, respectively, over the Passaic River at Newark.There is also a high-speed E-ZPass entry point on the Pennsylvania Turnpike Extension.At each location, traditional E-ZPass and cash lanes are also available.

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The New Jersey Turnpike is a closed-system toll road, using a system of long-distance tickets, obtained once by a motorist upon entering and surrendered upon exiting at toll gates. The toll fee depends on the distance traveled between entrance and exit, and longer distances result in higher tolls.From Woodbridge Township to Newark, High-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes exist on the outer roadway (outer truck lanes), thereby making it 7 lanes in each direction (4-3-3-4). The New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT), which calls every class of highway Route, calls the Western Spur Route 95W. 46 came under Turnpike Authority jurisdiction in 1992, as NJDOT sold the road in order to balance the state budget.The HOV lanes are in effect on weekdays, from a.m.– a.m. southbound (at times, the Turnpike Authority might suspend the HOV restrictions entirely during peak hours in case of unusual conditions). The complex series of roadways and ramps linking the car/truck lanes, the two spurs, as well as traffic heading to and from both exit 14 and the Newark Bay Extension is referred to by the Turnpike Authority as the "Southern Mixing Bowl". It connects Newark with Lower Manhattan via the Holland Tunnel in Jersey City and intersects the mainline near Newark Liberty International Airport. It was formerly designated as Route 700P, but is currently designated I-95 in anticipation of the completion of the Pennsylvania Turnpike/Interstate 95 Interchange Project in 2018. This section of the road travels past the interchange for I-80 and through a cut in the Hudson Palisades at GWB Plaza.The Interstate Highway System took some of its design guidelines by copying the Turnpike's design guidelines.The main road of the New Jersey Turnpike splits from I-295 in Carneys Point Township and runs a north-northeast route to Ridgefield Park, where the road continues as I-95.

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