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He decided to look for an English language school in the centre of Dublin so that he could study English and practice his English grammar, vocabulary and speaking.

He arranged to have a free trial class at the Central School of English on Talbot Street. The Central School of English used a method called the Callan Method of English.

I thought speed dating was for crack whores on skates down the docks on a quest for cocks,but having tried a non sexual version,it was a great way to meet people,even if they did scream and run away. My internet is super slow so don't wanna click the links. If anywhere between 6 and 8 of Feb I will be in Dublin and will consider it for sure.

Hey, We have 2 dates confirmed pre-valentines, heres the facebook event link: Had a great time last time, though I felt a bit cheated as many participants were there just to make up numbers, like they were mates of the organisers and had no intention of actually dating!

The next day we will email you a link to your account where you can view your matches.

After the event At the end of the evening hand us your card!

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He made a lot of new friends at the Central School of English.

February 14th is known worldwide as Valentines Day.

We all know that February is also a very romantic month.

He had a great time visiting museums and travelling to different parts of Ireland with the school at the weekends and of course he started to learn a lot of new English grammar and vocabulary with the Callan Method of English!

Marco spent a lot of time getting to know Laura and six months later he had gone from in Dublin.

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