Speed dating adelaide 2016 dating antique mirrors

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They are really well organised by friendly staff; So much fun and great value for money!

Over the night you normally meet between 5 to 8 people around your age group; your drinks are included and some food too.

read more » Attended first event last week, highly recommend. Intimate but at same time spacious venue - food/ beverage fine I believe, though honestly I was too busy having a nice time to need that component.

I'll be back, simply appreciative of an evening of face-to-face conversation & connection without all the frustration & angst that accompanies online interaction.

It ran seamlessly & have nothing but positive feedback for the event - the fact that I met someone and we're together 6 months later is just a bonus considering I went along 'for a laugh'.when a female is stunning she is picked up at a bus stop she doesn't need to go to city swoon get real guys all the good ones get snapped up that's why you only get left overs at speed dating .Hi Sunny, The vast majority of people who come to our events are outgoing, skillfully employed and generally very friendly and vivacious.It's such an awesome way to meet new people, whether it be a new BFF that you might meet on a "wingman" round or your actual dates - which are just people that you wouldn't meet in a normal night out.I can't wait til these guys introduce me to the man of my dreams #nopressure.

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