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Pretty convoluted for i Tunes (although podcast playlist support has never been great anyway).But it does exactly what I wanted to do: put all the latest daily episodes of my selected playlists into one list ready for me to play automatically each morning as I wake up and brew the coffee.

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If you create a smart playlist with a single condition that the Media Kind is Music, you can limit it to 50 or so tracks, sorted by those that are least often played (rather than by random, which is the default).This one requires two playlists: a long one (say twenty tracks) filled with songs from recent years, and a short one (say five tracks) filled with songs from before a certain year.For both playlists, set the Last Played value to songs that haven't been heard in the past week to keep it turning over with new music.I picked up Awaken with the recent Macheist deal, and with it I planned to do something I've been thinking about doing for a long time with i Tunes: try and figure out a way to wake myself up with a short roundup of the daily podcasts I never seem to find a time to listen to during the day itself.Getting your Mac to play a playlist on demand at a certain time isn't hard at all (Awaken will do it easily, or Alarm Clock 2 will do it as donationware), but the tough part is getting your podcasts rounded up into a playlist so you can hear all the new shows all in one go.

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