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Samuel Dufour, a 19-year-old far-right extremist, has been charged with violence leading to the death of Méric, but without the intention of killing him, according to judicial sources quoted by French radio RTL on Tuesday.

Riding in a car with an Asian-American friend one day, a fellow skinhead pulled up alongside them, and Jennifer quickly told her friend to duck down and hide on the floorboard. ' and I had to say, 'If they see you with me, they're going to kill me.'""It's a very misogynist environment," says Christian Picciolini, the former director of the Illinois chapter of the Northern Hammer Skinheads, who recruited women simply because they would attract more male members."There was a lack of connectedness in my family growing up, but the skinheads gave me a sense of unconditional belonging."This is one of the ways new members get their start, according to Blee—they "slide" in from the side, more due to camaraderie than doctrine, and don't fully confront the movement's racist beliefs until they're already bonded with the people in the group. "Another big, incredibly dangerous piece of how they commit terror is through propaganda—by spreading lies that legitimize violence against people of other races."In fact, propaganda about their kids and their safety is one of the ways neo-Nazi gangs like racist skinheads target women."Things like 'Your kids are going to have to go to school with people who are racist and they're going to learn to hate the white race,'" Blee asserts.An older African-American man walked down the street, as he did every day, passing their house on his way to work."Go home! And she wore the right uniform—red or white laces in her Dr. "For a moment, maybe two, the man stared straight at the group—and then he kept walking."He didn't look mad. "It was a look of disappointment, like, Martinez identified as a white power skinhead for most of her teens.

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