Sexy house wifes video chatting

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I was very happy to see this, so I quickly took off my work clothes, laid down on the pad, and waited for my wife to arrive.As I waited, I thought about how wonderful my wife was to participate with me in my diaper fetish.She ended up looking at the dance shoes for a while. They are for him.' as she turned and pointed to me.Then a saleslady came up to my wife and asked if she needed any help. I could feel my face immediately turn red and my heart began to race.My sweet baby is all buckled in nice and tight.' My wife got in the car and we drove off towards the mall.

I was very puzzled, so I just quietly followed behind my wife as she browsed.I guess it was good that my wife had put extra thick diapers on me.I got in the passenger seat of the car and my wife then did something kind of strange. As she did this, she smiled and said 'There you go.I even avoided going to the bathroom at work after lunch.Now I was patiently waiting for my wife to arrive home and put me into my diapers.

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