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I blocked him immediately following repeated abusive comments on my talk page.

And what I said about his userspace seems very clear to me.

There are other admins who Ee seems to listen to and who are, perhaps, more willing to take the time to re-educate him without things descending into a war between 2 people.Look forward to expand the (lacking) info on Franconia, Germany. (WT-en) Hokiesvt , 13 March 2009 (EDT) Thanks for the message Peter, really appreciated- I'll keep on updating the Exeter page enthusiastically!--(WT-en) Electricotter , 24 March 2009 (EDT) Thanks for the compliment.I m in the area for the next few months and i ll try to keep it up, there is much work to be done !(WT-en) Rafcha , 11 September 2009 (EDT) Got example?

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