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AE Loopcast is a regularly updated archive of all clips have posted to the web on our various project sites.

The following three dozen candidates, more or less, average highest: Addington, Sarah, Another Cactus Blooms (Smart Set, December).Cooper, Courtney Ryley, The Fiend (Cosmopolitan, March); Love (Red Book, June).Cram, Mildred, Anna (Mc Catt’s, March); The Bridge (Harper’s Bazaar, April). Comfort, Will Levington, and Dost, Zamin Ki, The Deadly Karait (Asia, August). Cram, Mildred, Stranger Things—­(Metropolitan, January). Kniffin, Harry Anable, The Tribute (Brief Stories, September). F., The Get-A way (Red Book, February); The Day of Judgment (Red Book, October). Allen, Maryland, The Urge (Everybody’s, September). Burt, Maxwell Struthers, Buchanan Hears the Wind (Harper’s, August). Chittenden, Gerald, The Victim of His Vision (Scribner’s, May). Cooper, Courtney Ryley, Old Scarface (Pictorial Review, April). Kerr, Sophie, Wild Earth (Saturday Evening Post, April 2).

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