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These guidelines should be read in conjunction with the Advice to Applicants available on the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade website. The New Colombo Plan is a signature initiative of the Australian Government which aims to lift knowledge of the Indo-Pacific in Australia by supporting young Australians to study and undertake Internships in the region.The Australian Government made an initial commitment of 0 million of funding for the New Colombo Plan over five years. It involves a prestigious Scholarship Program for study of up to one Academic Year, and Internships and/or Mentorships of up to six months; and a flexible Mobility Grant Program for both short and longer-term study, Internships, Mentorships, practicums and research.No additional funding (to that outlined in Section 2) will be provided for a Scholarship Program undertaken in more than one eligible Host Location (i.e.each Scholar can only receive one travel allowance and one establishment allowance).Scholars may apply to undertake their study and/or Internship component in more than one eligible Host Location and/or Host Institution/Organisation, where it adds meaningful value to the core Scholarship Program.Where the Scholarship Program is undertaken in more than one location, the Scholar must nominate a primary location on their application form.The pair clashed during last year's drawn All-Ireland final when the Mayo defender relieved Connolly of his jersey and Keegan was black-carded for a tackle on the St Vincent's man shortly after scoring a goal in the replay.It was one of the most enthralling aspects of last year's encounters and Brogan would love to see more of the same on Sunday.

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Where short gaps between Program components are unavoidable, a gap lasting no longer than four weeks may be approved on a case-by-case basis.

A primary location is where the Scholar undertakes the most substantial study component of their Scholarship Program.

Study and/or Internships at other locations must not exceed the time spent at the primary location.

He is playing the best football in the Dublin forward line at the moment.

"Diarmuid is the type of character, maybe a bit like Mark Vaughan a few years ago, you tell him he can't do something and he just wants to do it.

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