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They shared a deep soul kiss as she ground her pussy against his thigh like a dog humping his leg.

Lana looked up at the couple as they groped each other: "Wow, this is so fucking hot...

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However, rather than reward the impudent remark of his imperious cuckquean girlfriend, Samson turned his attention to Lana. She braced herself for his big cock but he dove headfirst between her thighs instead. He stuck his tongue up her cunt all the way to the root. Even seasoned porn starlets sometimes cried when Samson made love to them. Snap away, baby." With a practiced eye, Sandra started shooting photos of the blonde posing with Samson's tool like a trophy. Samson had not been given the nickname 'forearm' in high school by chance. Like many of their unicorns, Lana considered herself heteroflexible but the hot couple was quickly opening her up to a more pansexual orientation. Her plump lips stretched over the ridge of his helmet with an audible pop. The way to his heart led through his glans, the tender underside of his knob. The results varied but one fact could not be denied. Lana parted her lips and let the bi-babe slip her some tongue. Sandra dropped to her knees silently to suck his cock. The trio had retired to Samson's triplex just off the Sunset Strip. Lana felt the tip touching places in her body that not even her trusty dildo could reach. The expert lover could tell she had a very receptive AFE zone and he planned to put it to good use. I'm down." --- TWO HOURS LATER "I've got to take a photo," a star struck Lana gushed, still jacking the base of Samson's tool. Samson's admired the view of her pert bare ass as she walked across the room, Jimmy Choo pumps clacking against the hardwood floor. The muscle was prehensile and Samson wielded it with the accuracy of a speculum. " gasped the blonde as his tongue plunged into the sodden depths of her pussy. Sandra might have been a slutty cuckquean but she also had a heart. Samson felt Lana flinch as the flat of his tongue grazed her anterior fornix.

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