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That is, even if the ban on commercial wind farms was not facially discriminatory against out-of-state economic interests, it nevertheless burdened interstate commerce to an extent that was clearly excessive when weighed against the local benefits relied on by the county in imposing the ban.

Among the ban's benefits expressed by the county was the maintenance of "the rural character of the county with respect to its landscape, open space, scenery, peace, tranquility, and solitude." The Chief Justice wrote in today's decision that no evidence relating to the potential burden on interstate commerce compared to those local benefits has been presented.

News Releases 01/05/11: Intensive Review of State Courts Announced 01/27/11: Supreme Court to Commemorate Sesquicentennial with Session at Statehouse01/31/11: Court of Appeals Interview Schedule Set02/14/11: Judicial Administrator Announces Retirement 02/18/11: Three Nominated for Court of Appeals Vacancy 03/01/11: Court of Appeals Swearing-in Ceremony Scheduled 03/02/11: Blue Ribbon Organizational Meeting Set March 9 03/08/11: Court of Appeals to Sit in Pittsburg 03/11/11: State Judicial Administrator Appointed 03/11/11: Court of Appeals to Sit in Mc Pherson 03/17/11: Judicial Vacancy in 31st Judicial District 04/04/11: Local Judges to Sit with Supreme Court 04/04/11: Supreme Court to Preside over Historic Session in Salina 04/06/11: Court of Appeals to Sit in Leavenworth 04/08/11: Court Strikes Down Part of Gaming Law 04/20/11: Chief Justice Named Toll Fellow 05/04/11: Freedom of Religion Trumps Kansas Health Policy Authority Decision 05/06/11: Shawnee County Judgeship Applications Being Accepted 05/09/11: Three Nominated for 31st Judicial District Judgeship 06/06/11: Five Apply for Shawnee County Judgeship 06/20/11: Three Nominated for Shawnee County Judgeship 07/15/11: Supreme Court files decisions in seven appeals 09/06/11: Court of Appeals to sit in Barton County 09/06/11: Court of Appeals to Sit at Kansas City Kansas Community College 09/06/11: Court of Appeals in special sessions at Washburn University 09/06/11: Court of Appeals to Sit at WSU 09/07/11: Electronic Case Filings Coming to Johnson County 09/08/11: Proposed 2012 Child Support Guidelines 09/08/11: Nominations for Osage County District Magistrate Vacancy Being Accepted 10/04/11: Osage County District Magistrate Judge Interviews Tuesday 10/11/11: Osage County District Magistrate Judge Named 10/13/11: COA to Colby 10/13/11: COA to Kingman 10/13/11: COA to Douglas 10/21/11: Commercial Wind Farm Case Sent Back to District Court 11/10/11: Court of Appeals to Sit in Salina FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 10, 2011 For more information contact Ron Keefover Education-Information Officer A three-judge panel of the state Court of Appeals will convene in Salina Tuesday and Wednesday, November 15-16, to hear arguments in eight appeals. In addition to the cases argued in Salina, the panel will decide the outcome of 13 other appeals that have been submitted for decision without oral argument. The hearings will be presented live on Cox Cable channels 20 & 21. The hearings are open to the public, and mark the second time in 2011 that an appellate court has convened in Salina.

The Court of Appeals sessions, which are to be conducted in room 107 of the City-County Building, will be broadcast live by Salina's Access Television and video streamed to the Internet. Joseph Pierron, Jr., presiding judge; and Judges Henry W. Access Television will cover the proceedings beginning at a.m. The Supreme Court presided over oral arguments in Salina last Spring, as well.

No fact-based arguments have been developed for the [commercial wind energy proponents].He also argues the district court erred in admitting certain evidence and there was insufficient evidence to convict him. 105,051: Sanchez appeals his Geary County convictions of possession of cocaine with intent to sell and no drug tax stamp. 105,695: This is an interlocutory appeal filed by the State of Kansas from a Rice County decision granting the defendant's motion to suppress any evidence seized by the Rice County Sheriff's Office during a warrantless search of Julian's vehicle subsequent to his arrest.He argues the State failed to present sufficient evidence to establish his guilt beyond a reasonable doubt of possession of cocaine with intent to sell. The State argues the district court committed reversible error when it granted Julian's motion to suppress. 104,295: Weis appeals his Saline County jury trial convictions and sentences for two counts of reckless aggravated battery and one count of criminal use of a weapon.The landowners were joined by Hudson and French, who are not landowners but through various contracts are owners of purported wind rights concerning other properties in the county.In a unanimous decision authored for the Court by Chief Justice Lawton R. Section 1983 for violation of their federal rights, and the claim for inverse condemnation.

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