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CNM will support and enforce the laws of the city, state and federal governments regarding any acts of violence.

Student incidents will be adjudicated through the Student Code of Conduct process and would be separate or coincide with police department investigations.

These teams are specifically trained to assist victims of sexual violence and their investigations.

Six men, one van: it sounds like the start of a joke, but it was a conundrum about sleeping arrangements that Joseph Carlson had to work out last year.

The Dean of Students will work hard to insure your safety and will assist you in arranging temporary remedies that may be appropriate to your situation such as working with faculty to manage missed classwork, changing class sections or arranging for administrative services to be provided in an alternate way.

Note that these are examples and may not be appropriate in your situation.

More information about the student disciplinary process can be found in the Student Code of Conduct.Forget shelling out on Airbnb – Carlson, a “van dweller” who chooses to live in his van rather than a house, offers to share his living quarters with travellers at no cost on “They were five Irish guys, and they looked like a boy band.There’s no electricity (he runs battery-operated lights and charges his phone from the lighter socket), no bathroom (he recommends guests shower before arrival, or takes them to hot springs if they’re in a national park) and zero privacy – you have to share his bed. Not for everyone – Carlson says he’s had about 50 people to stay since he started offering it last summer. I was like, ‘Hey, it’s going to be really tight’ but they were like ‘We wanna do it.’ But they were the coolest people I’ve had over.” How did they sleep?Carlson, who works as a wedding photographer in the summer and freelances for Amazon off-season, lives his life on the road.He spent three months converting his van to host travellers, installing cabinets, a queen-size bed that pulls out from the wall, and a sink – although there’s no drain, so he dumps the water outside.

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