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Weber called the Taos Trappers, ranged into the San Juan, Colorado, Green and Duchesne River drainages of Utah, northern New Mexico, and western Colorado, eventually pressing on into the Great Basin and the Wasatch Mountains.

Ashley ran an advertisement for himself and his partner, Andrew Henry, inviting "Enterprising Young Men" to ascent the Missouri to work at some undisclosed occupation for several years.Excitement over the potential profits from furs of the upper Missouri and Oregon Country swept the United States.Led by Spaniard Manuel Lisa, Frenchman Pierre Chouteau, and American John Colter (who had accompanied Lewis and Clark), traders departed from St.Smith and Thomas Fitzpatrick rediscovered South Pass, gateway to the Oregon Country; the Great Basin; and enormous wealth. Weber south along the Bear River and into the Cache Valley area, Smith and part of the group pressed northward to Flathead Post, where they met Peter Skene Ogden.Previously, companies of trappers and traders had come from St. Then, they either traveled the 1,200 to 1,500 miles to their base or reported to an outpost like those established by the Hudson's Bay Company to deliver their furs and resupply themselves.

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