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Public Safety personnel provide patrol coverage for the Wye Mills Campus and answer calls and answer calls for service while the campus is open for business.

At all other times, it is suggested that personnel contact 911 for any emergency situations.

The Director and uniformed Special Police Officers have powers granted through a special police commission, authorized by the State of Maryland, to make arrests, detain guests, and carry weapons.

Uniformed Security Officers have legal authority under Maryland Law to ask persons for identification to determine whether individuals have lawful business on campus and have arrest powers available to the general public to make a citizen's arrest.

The Department of Public Safety or administrative staff can assist victims and witnesses with confidential reporting.

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Remember, you can have Twitter send text messages to your cell phone.

A security escort service to and from parking lots is available upon request.

Cambridge Center has coverage while the center is open for business.

Chesapeake College is a non-residential facility that welcomes over 2,600 credit students each semester and a host of students in its continuing education and workforce training programs.

Additionally, the college serves as a regional center where outside groups frequently hold education, economic development and cultural events.

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