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Genealogical societies are also an important repository of obituary information.

The Hudson County Genealogical & Historical Society, for instance, keeps a number of databases including newspaper obituaries, cemetery records, church records, and funeral home death records.

The information contained in the records includes full name, sex, date of death, age at the time of death, and gravestone inscription.

The society also keeps a number of vital record indexes, including church records and cemetery records not just from the county but from all around New Jersey, as well as from New York.

Obituaries, cemetery records, wills, death certificates, these are some of the documents that you can use in your own genealogical research.

Public libraries also sometimes have abundant genealogical resources, but what they are very useful for is newspaper searches, since they all keep historical and contemporary newspaper collections.

The Burlington County Library System, for example, has a database of almost 75,000 death notices and obituaries, and nearly 30,000 burial notices from local newspapers.

The relevant state and local authorities can be accessed from and include the Department of Health, which keeps death certificates from 1914 to date, and the State Archives.

The former can issue you with a copy of a death certificate, provided it is more than 40 years old and not subject to restricted access due to confidentiality concerns.

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