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That is the “s” bit, sometimes referred to as the setuid or setgid bit depending on its position.The reasoning behind this particular bit is as follows.Here's where you can meet singles in Brunswick, Georgia.

Think back to how I introduced this section and my immutable file. Take those system files that you absolutely do not want anybody modifying in a remote session and add this attribute. This might be a good thought for log files that you don’t want someone suddenly clearing out.Here’s an example of this append attribute in action.[[email protected] ~] $ chattr a chattr: Operation not permitted while setting flags on [[email protected] ~] $ su - root Password: [[email protected] /root]# touch [[email protected] /root]# chattr a [[email protected] /root]# /usr/games/fortune -l When I first tried to set the attribute, I was working as a regular user and you can see where that got me.Changing the setuid bit (or setgid) is not strictly a case of providing administrative access to non-root users. I might have a database package that operates under only one user-id, or I may want all users to access a program as though they were part of a specific group. Important note : You cannot use the setuid or setgid bit for shell scripts (although there are perl hooks to do this). If you need to have a script execute with a set of permissions other than its own, you will have to write a little C program that wraps around your script and allow it, rather than the script, to have setuid (or setgid) permissions.Unfortunately, the first time most people run across file attributes is usually after their system has been cracked.

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