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Even if he could, he likely wouldn't go to another dentist as long as he lived!Because we knew the risks of any anesthesia, we were referred to Ed Matsuishi in El Cerrito.It was expensive but much less traumatic than more recently when he needed one filling and the dentist did it with him awake and scared.laura General anesthesia is scary to most people, and nobody wants it for themselves or their children unless absolutely necessary.

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But, then again he doesn't remember it and we are all better for's scary, but most likely your child will be just fine, and will have no memory of the experience. A papoose board is a restraining device, much like a straight jacket that holds the child in place while the dental work is done.2 or 3 appointments may be needed to finish the dental treatment.Thank you naomi Our son had sedation before he had 4 fillings & 4 root canals, all at the age of 2 1/2.The thinking behind this was the same as your dentist's -- a young child cannot be expected to sit through a long dental procedure.

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