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However, I did find it quite irritating at times where I felt the story should perhaps take a more serious turn.

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I knew I was in for at least a bit of a letdown at the end simply based on the nature of the show and how it completely shied away from getting even slightly serious.

The voice characters are just funny and the voices are exaggerated very much, which give the impression that the character is very dumb.

The characters are very distinct; I get confused sometimes because there are many characters and a lot of names to remember.

As the story goes on, it becomes more and more hilarious! It portrays as guys being very pathetic and always going after girls, this makes them very funny to watch! The animation is very beautiful, although it has more beautiful girls and the boys are all very weird.

The animals drawn are very cute and the main character is such a klutz, her face turns fat all the time.

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