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Then our panel of experts and peers weighed in with their opinions. S.: Some of these emails were successful, some weren’t... ) So embarrassing, I just knocked my coffee all over the place cause my cell phone was ringing and I was trying to type and grab it at the same time. A woman who reads Nabokov (I just finished Lolita), likes Al Green and is really attractive as well?

A."The guy’s first two answers are amusing; the third could be construed as slightly frightening.It makes me look forward to ‘a little email back and forth.’”-Whit, 25, Portland, METhe verdict: While two online daters appreciated her brevity and casual way with words, our other panelists were left craving a warmer tone and less emphasis on why she’s not right for the profilee.Real-life result: No reply.(Note: The woman’s profile asked suitors to respond to a few questions, reprinted below)Q: What are your thoughts on Jersey? 'Q: Should one roll their eyes and scoff at Modest Mouse for being on MTV? This test is so easy and I didn’t even study or nothing.I’ve talked my way out of a police station in **** (expired visa, nothing too terribly illicit), and watched a shaman do a smoke clearing (uninvited) in a bungalow I was occupying in ****. There’ve been *plenty* of humble moments too—so many that I’m now flushed just thinking about the first one or two that came to mind.The stacks of guilt-inducing bedside reading include Dojo Wisdom for Writers, a few books from the library about nanotech, a couple of self-help titles and an embarrassing number of unread magazines—from New Scientist, New Yorker and Inc. And now that I’ve rambled, for all I know I could have deciphered your email address incorrectly (someone’s probably getting a big kick out of this if that’s the case), or you may have moved to Micronesia or gotten married—perhaps even twice by now—and forgotten to remove your ad from the Web. And I’d suggest she express some interest in the notee by commenting on specifics in his ad.”-Sandra Lamb“By not taking herself too seriously, this woman appears confident, which is attractive.

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