Run time error 3251 current recordset does not support updating

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Modify your form in the access database to store something like "m" for manual... Search Query" Source = "SELECT * FROM Search Query" Case "Query.

c#,ms-access The reason might because Passowrd is a reserved keyword in MS Access. Part Number Query" Source = "SELECT * FROM [Part Number Query]" Case "Query.

vba,date,ms-access Dates in Access needs to be surrounded by the # tags so that it recognizes the date you have passed.

The other important factor to consider is that JET requires the date format to be mm/dd/yyyy as opposed to the normal dd/mm/yyyy. vba,ms-access,access-vba,ms-access-2010 Use Open Database to return a DAO. Then you can access a saved query via its Query Defs collection. SQL SELECT, Type Name(bar) AS Type Of Bar FROM dbo_foo; db. SQL = "SELECT, Type Name( AS Type Of Bar"...

These objects all implement the IDisposable interface, which means they should be cleaned up as soon as you're done with them. sql,ms-access,sql-server-2012,ms-access-2010,varbinarymax It looks like you bulk-inserted the raw binary image data directly from the BMP file into the VARBINARY column using T-SQL.

Therefore, those images don't have the "OLE wrapper" that is added when an image is inserted via a Bound Object Frame on an Access form. vba,ms-access,access-vba,ms-access-2003 Date Serial should make this easier.

When you create a search field and include #, such as ART#, Access interprets this as "I'm searching for the string 'ART' followed by a single numeric character 0-9" It uses a '? SELECT, left(st1.uchbegriff,7) & val(right(t1.suchbegriff,4)) AS suchbegriff2, t1.menge FROM kvks AS t1 INNER JOIN konf AS t2 WHERE (t1.suchbegriff... ms-access,access-vba,ado,late-binding,adox Just to recap, without an ADO reference included in your project, you get a compile error at this line: If Type Of ado Rs Columns Is ADODB.sql,sql-server,sql-server-2008,ms-access,user-defined-functions Whenever I have to calculate a field and use the results in a second field, I use a common table expression to make the first calculation.Given this query, it could look like this: with cte_preprocess as ( SELECT tbl_Shift Sched. Sort Ind, [Shift Start] case when @dte FTm ms-access,ms-access-2010 You can use COM automation from VBScript to create an Access application instance, hide it from view, run your macro, and then shut down Access.I saved the following script as Run Access and ran it in a command prompt window using this as the command line ... sql,ms-access,access-vba Based on what I have read so far, I think I can offer some suggestions: It appears you have control of the MS Access.I would suggest adding a field to your data table called "source".

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