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The posters that have been distributed around campus to advertise the event carry slogans like: ‘You only love me for my brain’ and ‘Talk about the big bang on your first date’.The event, which will cater for up to a hundred academics and is open to all disciplines, will take place on 9th December 2005 in the Old Refectory at UCL.It looks exactly like a speed dating form, except that where you would normally enter details about yourself, the researchers are asked to enter information that makes their research sound attractive.

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They also pool expertise and share resources, such as analytical equipment.Postgraduate applicants can apply up to £5,000 and academics and research staff can be awarded up to £15,000.As Professor of Nanomaterials and Director of Nottingham Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Centre, Andrei can himself point to a collaboration made possible by UNICAS.He joined Dr Graham Rance from Chemistry and the Nanotechnology and Nanoscience Centre’s Dr Michael Fay in working with Dr Lyudmila Turyanska and Professor Amalia Patanè of the School of Physics and Astronomy.“Graham is working on quantum dots and carbon nanotubes and at a UNICAS sandpit he met Lyudmila and Amalia and discovered they were interested in similar things,” said Professor Khlobystov.

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