Reggie bush dating non black women dating a younger black man

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It is equally futile to harangue twenty-something athletes.

Some might say that in an ideal world, Reggie and Lamar would conduct themselves in the manner of a Grant Hill, who followed the example of his father, retired NFL Pro Bowler Calvin.

While it's true that the 8 percent of black men who marry outside the race is double the 4 percent of black women who do, the 4 percent differential is low and hardly a reason to get one's panties in a bunch.

There are far more Jay-Z and Beyoncés than there are Ice-T and Cocos.

discovered this when its message board was flooded with angry comments after Reggie was revealed as the February cover about men who love black women.

Reggie Bush is living in a world of uncertainty, because a woman claims he's the father of her unborn baby ... The woman -- Monique -- is a nightclub waitress who lives in Miami.

Our sources say early on in her pregnancy, she contacted Reggie and there were discussions about terminating the pregnancy in return for a large payment.

Please don't insult our intelligence." Black And Female: Destined To Be Single? Black, white, orange, green—we get our intelligence insulted every day as women—heck, as .

And yes, Kim Kardashian's a$$-ploitation and reality TV (we heart Kourtney and Khloe) doesn't make her the classiest of Caucasian women.

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